Jonathan Hainsworth was born in Townsville, Queensland in 1963. 

His family moved to the United Kingdom for a sabbatical year before settling in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia several years later and it was there where he would spend the rest of his formative years.

With his father a Professor of History at the prestigious University of Adelaide, it was no surprise that the study of history would rub off on Jonathan. 

After graduating from school in Adelaide's eastern suburbs, he would go on to study at the University of Adelaide, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and later a Graduate Diploma in Education.

"My passion for history has always been to teach it to others, and there's no greater fulfillment a history lover can have than by teaching it to children, as I was so brilliantly taught throughout my school years."
– Jonathan Hainsworth

Having commenced teaching in the South Australian public school system following his graduation, Jonathan has gone on to teach in senior positions in both Adelaide's public and private schools across a range of subjects, including ancient, Asian, American, Australian and European history.

It was here that Jonathan's foray into 'Ripper history' began. 

In the early 2000s, while searching for a catchy and engaging entry-point for a senior student study unit focussing on 19th Century Europe, he decided on Jack the Ripper - a moonlight serial killer of prostitutes in impoverished Late Victorian London - was the answer. 

The unit on the Ripper mystery was only meant to last a handful of lessons, but slowly grew as the interest of students increased over weeks, to years - eventually devouring the rest of the unit.

It was encouragement from his students that led Jonathan to pursue the subject with more interest and greater, more in-depth research.

Poring through pages of primary and secondary sources - some never before read - Jonathan, like the Ripper himself, began to live a double life - history teacher by day, and history investigator by night.

Approaching the subject with a deep and meticulous line of enquiry - taking in broader historical and societal considerations beyond simply the fact of murders in the dirty alleyways of Whitechapel - Jonathan's first book Jack the Ripper - Case Solved, 1891 will be published by leading American independent academic publisher McFarland & Company.

His next work of history will be on the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy. 

He provided historical advice to acclaimed director Oliver Stone during the promotion of his 1991 film JFK

Jack the Ripper - Case Solved, 1891 is Jonathan's first published work and is available for pre order online through publisher McFarland Books and online retailers Fishpond.com.auAmazon, Amazon UKBarnes and Noble and IndieBound